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Social Stats Module


Displaying social share buttons on your website can benefit SEO in multiple ways.

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Encourage your users and make it easier for them to share your website content, resulting in driving more traffic to your website.

Driving more traffic to your website means link building and there is a direct relationship between the quality and quantity of the links to your website.

If the shares are re-shared by the social media community, a “ripple” effect can be created, your content can rapidly become “viral” and the readers can mention and link back to your content.

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Share Everything!

Based on multiple studies, the most popular social networks are : Facebook, Twitter and Google+, and they are proved to improve rankings.

There are 3 types of Social Toolbars :

Floating Toolbar

Content Top / Bottom Toolbar

Content Left / Right Toolbar

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You can enable / disable the toolbar, setup where to display it (homepage, post pages, custom taxonomies and so on), setup a background color, toolbar position (horizontal & vertical) & custom margins.

You can also choose from a list of buttons what social media buttons to display, the button size (big or normal) & if you wish to display a counter or not.

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Big Buttons:

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Small Buttons with counter

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Review analytics data to see which social media channels are referring traffic back yo your site.

There are social stats in the Dashboard, and also in the Social Stats module, that way you can see what the most popular blog posts are on your website!

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social stats module - social - Social Stats Module

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Link Redirect

Redirects are very important, especially if you’re moving your website from one domain to another.

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