SERP Tracking


SERP Tracking


Using our SERP Tracking module, track keywords and pages in order to save time and improve your rankings.

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Drive more traffic to your website! 

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Why Is SERP Important?

Let’s start with the meaning of SERP. It stands for ‘Search Engine Result Pages’. They are the pages in Google in which results are displayed for your online search queries.

On Google, these pages display a combination of paid adverts and organic results.

SERP involves a combination of on-page optimization, constant/periodic content creation and authority building through trustworthy back-links.

Having good SERP positions is crucial to ensure your website is found easily for the right searches.

The further your site shows up beyond the first results pages, the less likely will be for your target audience to find you – people want results fast, so they often click on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd search result to find what they’re looking for.

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It’s so easy to add keywords to the tracking module!

Simply select them from your focus keywords or add them manually! Just like that!


Why wouldn’t you keep track of your competitors as well? You can add suggested competitors (based on your keywords), or add them manually.

The max limit is 5 competitors! 

Keywords Rankings

Check keywords on Google for all Languages and Countries.

Website Statistics

Here you can compare your website evolution between 2 dates, and choose to include competitors as well (or not).

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The first stat is your Website Score for the Keywords entered for a certain search engine (let’s say google.com) and it’s based on an algorithm that finds your website pages and keywords that are in top 100.

Next is the keywords rankings summary – this one shows if on your website, your ranking moved up or down and if your keywords are in top 1,3,5,10,30,50 or 100.

The last stats are for the keywords, too see their evolution, when they were last checked, and each keyword’s position on google searches.

SERP Reports

There are 2 types of reports. One for Website Stats and one for Keyword Rank Changes.

Both reports can be viewed in the admin area, downloaded as PDF’s or sent by e-mail.

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These reports are meant to help you better compare and analyze why some websites ranks are in the top for certain keywords.

Custom Cron Jobs

We’ve made some custom cron jobs for these modules, so the process of updating keywords & sending reports is made automatically. You don’t have to do anything!

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Unique Feature

NEW Module & App Coming Soon!

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