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Tiny Compress


Compress your PNG and JPEG images in a smart way!

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The Tiny Compress module uses optimization techniques specific to image editing to remove unnecessary bytes from image files, by connecting to the TinyPNG service. TinyPNG says this is a “lossless” tool, which means it optimizes the images without changing their look or visual quality.

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Why should you optimize your images?

The answer is Page Speed!  Page speed is best described as  the time it takes to fully display the content on a specific webpage.

Imagine that if you compress your website images,  you will be saving page loading times by not making users wait for big images to load.

The TinyPNG service is free for 500 compressions per month, but they have a Pro version as well.


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Other Features

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Google Analytics

This module takes the data from your Google Analytics and transforms it into an easy to understand dashboard.

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SERP Tracking

Using our SERP Tracking module, track keywords and pages in order to save time and improve your rankings.

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PageSpeed Insights

Page Speed plays a major role on your website ranking. It actually refers to the time a visitor has to

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404 Monitor

The 404 Monitor module logs attempts by bots or people to access something on your website which does not exist.

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Link Redirect

Redirects are very important, especially if you’re moving your website from one domain to another.

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Alexa Rank Module

As opposed to Google’s PageRank, the lower your ranking number, the better.