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Rich snippets are additional pieces of information that search engines ...

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Rich snippets are additional pieces of information that search engines are able to identify on the page, enabling visitors to easier find the information they are looking for.


Adding Schema markup to your website improves the way your page displays in search engines by enhancing the rich snippets that are displayed under the page title.

Easily Add Rich Snippets as Shortcodes!

In the Rich Snippets module the following snippets are available, as shortcodes:

Article Rich Snippet

Book Rich Snippet

Event Rich Snippet

Movie Rich Snippet

Organization Rich Snippet

Person Rich Snippet

Product Rich Snippet

Recipe Rich Snippet

Review Rich Snippet

rich snippets - richsnipp - Rich Snippets

rich snippets - recipe - Rich Snippets


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Other Features

rich snippets - serp - Rich Snippets
SERP Tracking

Using our SERP Tracking module, track keywords and pages in order to save time and improve your rankings.

rich snippets - 404 - Rich Snippets
404 Monitor

The 404 Monitor module logs attempts by bots or people to access something on your website which does not exist.

rich snippets - minify 1 - Rich Snippets
Minify CSS and Javascript

Did you know that by optimizing your website's code you can dramatically increase your page speed?

rich snippets - localization 1 - Rich Snippets
Local SEO

Using shortcodes you can insert the local business shortcode anywhere! A locations sitemap is generated automatically.

rich snippets - massoptimizationth 1 - Rich Snippets
Mass Optimization Module – Unique & Exclusive to Premium SEO Pack

This is a premium feature that will allow you to mass optimize your WordPress post / pages in just a few clicks!

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W3C Validator

W3C is the World Wide Web Consortium. It provides guidelines based on best practice, regarding how websites and web pages