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Minify CSS and Javascript


Did you know that by optimizing your website's code you can dramatically increase your page speed?

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What does CSS and Javascript Minification actually mean?

Minification is the process of compressing code from its original size down to the smallest possible size and it doesn’t affect the functionality of the code.
During this process, characters such as white space, new line, commented out code are removed and at the end, the code will be on one single line.
The minification process can reduce by up to 95% the size of code! This will help your website run faster and get a higher SEO score.
Minify module


Server under Password Protection

This feature is useful if you have your server under htaccess password protection.


You can setup caching for minified css and js files. Value in minutes –  default = 10 days. You can also see how many files are cached, and to clear the cache.

Exclude Assets

You have the possibility to exclude both CSS and JS files. Header & Footer Scripts and Heading Styles.  Simply enable the feature or not!


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