Mass Optimization Module – Unique & Exclusive to Premium SEO Pack

On Page Optimization

Mass Optimization Module – Unique & Exclusive to Premium SEO Pack


This is a premium feature that will allow you to mass optimize your WordPress post / pages in just a few clicks!

This is a Unique & Exclusive to Premium SEO Pack feature that you will not find anywhere else on the market.
How does this work? Well this module allows you to optimize all your posts/pages/custom taxonomies at once! Using this module you can auto detect the Focus Keyword for all posts/pages/custom taxonomies in just one click of a button!
Not only that, you can also mass optimize the Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions and Meta Keywords for all posts/pages/custom taxonomies. What can be easier than that? Optimize your WordPress Website in seconds!


Multiple Focus Keywords

One of Premium SEO Pack’s newest features is the possibility to add multiple focus keywords on your post in order to better optimize it!

When searching google people usually use as keywords words that are slightly similar or synonyms. If you want to rank a post for multiple focus keywords, now you have this possibility using the Premium SEO Pack.

It’s now super easy to add multiple focus keywords and optimize your text. You can add a maximum of 10 different focus keywords.

Tips On Targeting Multiple Focus Keywords

Secondary keywords must be researched (just like your primary)
Secondary keywords must have the same search intent as the primary keyword
Craft your headline, SEO title, meta description to read well and to include keywords

Live Suggested Keywords

How to add multiple keywords? Well you can do it individually, on the details page of each post, where you will have a detailed score for each focus keyword, or in the MASS OPTIMIZATION MODULE. 

Also, when adding a new keyword, while you start typing the keyword you will get live suggested keywords!


Same for the Mass Optimization Module!


Understanding what's important

Green means Good!

SEO Rules

The Mass Optimization automatically optimizes the page / posts / custom taxonomies, but only up to a certain point. If you wish to get a 100% score on your posts / pages then you will need to work a little. The SEO rules are very simple to understand and you have hints everywhere: in the Summary Analytics, Page Status and the SEO Report.

Works with shortcodes also!

If you’re using Visual Composer you don’t have to worry! The Mass Optimization module parses shortcodes as well!

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